The definitive MIDI controller | This is not rocket science


Time is flying, but the first prototype build is almost complete! Only a few small flaws found so far. I haven’t had time to write any proper software yet, but the board successfully boots the DSPs from the LPC MCU over the SPI bus, and every chip happily talks with the debugger. I think I’m close to the point where only the software side is missing…

Well, the codecs and analog circuits are still untested, so better not celebrate yet. Some pictures of current progress below. The flat cables connect to JTAG debuggers.

I’ve spent way too little time on the RPC itself lately…

DSP logic boardThe completed DSP logic board with connectors for all peripherals.

DSP assemblyThe analog board connects to the top of the logic board. Power supply has been bypassed to use the 5V supply from logic board. I want to try if it’s sufficient for the opamp buffers.

DSP assembly 2The audio jacks are visible on this side.

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