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First Protosynth front panel draft

The first prototype for the synth front panel is ready in all its glory! (Click for a bigger version – for some reason gerbv drew weird stripes in the ground plane)


Yes, it will be very red! The plan was to put this in a translucent, perhaps milky white, plexiglas enclosure, and the color would then hopefully shine a bit through…

Now, that’s a lot of controls there on the board. 26 potentiometers, 10 encoders, 12 buttons. And the connectors on the left side connect to two more buttons and a joystick. And a 400×240 RGB touch screen in the blank hole in the middle! Here’s a first sketch of what they could be used for, in a cryptic slang (sorry, no SD on the board, please ignore that):

Front panel, first design

Stay tuned…

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