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KL26ZxxxVFM4 pinout

The KL26Z feels overall like a very nice MCU; the collection of features and the pin mapping that it provides works very well for me. The chip does USB natively, it has three serial ports, two SPI, two I2C, I2S, plenty of muxed ADC channels, and a DAC… The evaluation board is a scam, but can be converted into a cheap debugger with USBDM. And Erich Styger has made some really impressive work writing Processor Expert modules that also work with this chip. And the chip itself is tiny. I think I’ve found my new favorite microcontroller.

The datasheet and manuals are a mess. So I combined the pin layout, spread over three pages, on a single printable page. Click the picture below for a print-size version.

KL26ZxxxVFM4 Cheatsheet

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