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1U Switch module

One of my side projects is a Eurorack modular briefcase. I have the standard 3U section for euro modules, but also a 1U row for smaller utilities. I was lacking hands-on control (as if a modular wouldn’t have any), something as simple as alternating between two control voltages, and I wanted to start with something simple.

So this was the result:

Voltage-controlled switch schematic

Voltage-controlled switch schematic

It’s basically a voltage-controlled switch between two channels, with one channel going through a 6 dB amplifier/attenuator and a two channel mixer. The switching is driven by a manual switch — but can also be voltage-controlled!

The panel is from Schaeffer — they offer a very nice cad tool for designing and ordering aluminium front panels.


Yeah, of course the latching switch has a blue led in it. The button activates halfway in, and latches if you press it all the way to the end. Very handy!


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